Imran Sir does private tuitions on individual basis or in group of two  students.
He started teaching Maths in 1999 and thus he has more than 15 years of teaching experience.
He has taught students from many different schools in Mumbai like Dhirubhai Ambani,  Jamnabai Narsee, Singapore International,  Ecole Mondiale,  Podar International,  B.D Somani,  Aditya Birla,  Rims etc.
Imran Sir strongly believes that Maths is a scoring subject and students need constant revision and practice to achieve an A* or 100% marks in the subject. Thus to prepare the students for the Math Exams, the following are the resources given to the students at the beginning of the classes:-

*IGCSE  Text Books  – David Rayner,  Ric Pimentel / Terry Wall 

*Mathematics Workbook

*Past Papers in the form of a CD.

*Worksheets for ICSE Students. 

  1. Private tuitions provide individual attention to the students.
  2. Private tuitions are helpful in practicing Mathematics.
  3. Teachers in School may help in understanding the fundamentals of Math; however, students are reluctant to ask any Queries in Class.
  4. After the class, the teachers in school do not have enough time to pay attention to questions of students on the individual basis. 
  5. When students are absent in school, they miss the important topics in class and hence find the topic difficult to understand later. Professional help in tuition will ensure that the students will understand the topic well and helps in securing better grades in the tests and exams. 
  6. It is very important to note that the School will follow only one textbook, which may or may not be endorsed by C. I. E (Cambridge International Examinations). However, we give two textbooks specially endorsed by C. I. E. to the students along with more than 10 years past papers and worksheets in each topic specially designed for the students to understand the topic well. 
  7. We make the student realize that the teachers in School are equally important. Tuitions help in practicing more problems and clearing doubts. The process is in NO WAY SPOON FEEDING. 
  8. It is also important to note that the school is not going to revise any topics completed in last 6 months or 1 year or 2 years or 3 years. (Merely issuing Worksheets does not mean that the students will be able to solve it completely.) The only reason is lack of sufficient time.

Why Private Tutions

  1. Nikhita - Very good teacher. I've improved a lot, and classes are entertaining because he cracks jokes and tried to make us laugh alongside teaching.
  2. Ishita Jain - I'm doing Maths classes with Imran Sir & I am very satisfied with his teachings. I've done better then I've expected. He's always there to solve my doubts even if they're the smallest and silliest ones.
  3. Atiya Nayak - He is an amazing teacher, he knows everything and knows how to explain concepts and methods very well. He will make you work hard, but will also make the class fun and is very understanding. With him, you are guaranteed above 90%. I share a very good equation with sir.
  4. Krish Ghai - Imran sir is the best math tuition teacher you can find, his knowledge of the subject is endless and only by his help I was able to go from a grade D to an A* and get a final percentage of 96% in my IGCSE board examination. I really look up to sir as a teacher.
  5. Vedika Sharma - Maths was one of my weaknesses which I hated the most, but Imran sir made this subject interesting. He always helped me in every way that generated my interest in this subject. I am very thankful to sir for making me a part of his tuition.
  6. Shanaia Munim - I never used to like Maths as a subject more particularly because I didn't do well in exams, but now I enjoy it because I've improved my score a lot. I even enjoy solving the numerical problems.
  7. Rishab Bahl - He is the best teacher currently in Mumbai who can solve problems very easily and in a fun manner. I have improved in Maths from the day I've joined him. Highly recommended!

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